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Steampunk Clocks By Bad Dog Designs

Posted on Feb 18, 2015 by

You might remember that we shared the unique creations of Bad Dog Designs in the launch issue of Warehouse Home. So we were really pleased to hear from Paul at Bad Dog Designs this week with news of his latest creation.

handmade steampunk vintage industrial clock from bad dog designs

‘Gemini in Tempore’ handmade nixie tube clock, Bad Dog Designs
Image courtesy of

Commissioned by a private Singaporean client, the ‘Gemini in Tempore’ clock was crafted in rich dark mahogany and brushed brass over a period of 3 months. It features dual time zones and a fully animated steam engine. Not only does the design embody the spirit of the industrial revolution with its unique vintage look, but it has actually been created with parts salvaged from the past. The central gyro was sourced from a WWII Spitfire, whilst the main body of the clock began its life as a 1940s voltmeter. The contrasting neon orange digits, vibrant against exposed brass mechanisms, were created using original 1960s Nixie tubes.

handmade vintage industrial steampunk clock made from nixie tubes and ww11 spitfire

The clock’s component parts include a 1940s vintage voltmeter and recycled nixie tubes
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handmade vintage industrial steampunk clock with mahogany and brass

The ‘Gemini in Tempore’ clock has so many intricate details. It’s movements and motions are captivating.
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Each Bad Dog Designs nixie tube clock incorporates parts salvaged from old warehouses and 1960s original Nixie tubes. The detail is remarkable and the craftsmanship second to none. Not only are these real discussion pieces, they are also heirlooms for future generations.

The clocks are handmade to order and full of character. If you want to get your hands on a bespoke Nixie tube clock, take a look at other recent projects by Bad Dog Designs and speak to founder and expert craftsman Paul to discuss your preferences and ideas. The clocks are priced from £250 to £3,000.

Can’t get enough of Bad Dog? Us neither! Check out this video for more information on what makes the nixie tube features of the clock tick.

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