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Retro Racing

Posted on Dec 13, 2013 by

This absolutely charming shoe last racer from Plum & Ashby is hand made in the UK. It’s a limited edition piece, one of only a few made exclusively for Plum & Ashby. Using original vintage pieces, combining wonderful old wooden shoe lasts with metal Meccano wheels, no two racers are the same. In our opinion, this is a real collector’s piece. Is it useful? Frankly, no. But it is full of quirky character and will make a striking addition to any desk or tabletop. It will be the ideal gift for a car enthusiast and is bound to bring back warm memories for anyone who grew up playing with Meccano.

Shoe last racer, £130, Plum & Ashby

Vintage wooden shoe last toy car racer, Plum & Asby

Shoe last racer, Plum & Ashby
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