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Restaurants With Upcycled Interiors

Posted on Mar 3, 2016 by

Inspired by a recent visit to a Hackney cafe, the Warehouse Home team has scoured the internet for the best uses of upcycled doors and windows in a restaurant context. Our search has taken us to Bucharest, Paris and back to Hackney in London. These reclaimed features add quirky character and colour to the interiors, giving each restaurant a distinctive vintage appearance.

Bon Restaurant, Bucharest

Bon Restaurant in Bucharest, Romania.

Bon Restaurant in Old Town, Bucharest.
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This striking restaurant in Bucharest, Romania, has reclaimed doors hanging from the exposed brick walls. Each door weathered door clearly has its own story, and together the collection takes on a collage-like appearance. Designer, Corvin Cristian, who has a background in the film industry, used 200 doors for the dramatic installation. “In this area, and Romania in general, there is unfortunately a craze for demolishing old buildings. Our approach to this design was an attempt to keep some memories of the disappearing past alive,” he explains.*

Le REcyclerie, Paris

La REcyclerie, Paris, France.

La REcyclerie in Boulevard Ornano, Paris.
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La REcyclerie is a multi-functional venue (bar, cafe, restaurant, workshop) that has reused vintage windows in its design to complement vintage concrete tiles and reclaimed parquet. The eclectic collection adds to the overall charm of the space, which has a raw vintage industrial feel. Wrought iron trusses and a high, panelled ceiling add to the drama. And an array of vintage tables and chairs complete the look.

L’Entrepôt, London

L'Entrepôt in Hackney, London.

L’Entrepôt in Hackney, London.
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Restaurant and wine bar L’Entrepôt is a stripped-back space which is complemented by an upcycled panel of windows. Stained and transparent glass, double and triple panes, the grouping of windows act as a beautiful centrepiece to the understated interior. Another notable feature is the reclaimed basketball court floor.

We think there are elements of this interiors style – using upcycled windows and doors – that could be incorporated in a home. What do you think?

For some upcycling style inspiration that you can incorporate into your own home, take a look at our Pinterest board.

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*quote courtesy of Upcyclist by Antonia Edwards, published by Prestel, Amazon

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