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Exclusive Warehouse Home Paper Designs Magie Hollingworth Vase Photographer Oliver Perrott
Warehouse Home Exclusive Paper Designs Photographer Oliver PerrottExclusive Warehouse Home Paper Designs Magie Hollingworth Papier-Mâché Utensils Photography by Oliver PerrottExclusive Warehouse Home Paper Designs Magie Hollingworth Paper Pulp Vessels Photography by Oliver Perrott

Shredded Vase


Product Description

Contemporary paper artist Magie Hollingworth was so inspired by Warehouse Home that she applied several techniques to her copies. Magie crafted a set of beautiful pulped paper vessels, charming papier-mâché utensils and a shredded vase. Add texture to your space with this shredded vase, priced at £120.

At Warehouse Home, we are passionate about exceptional design and supporting talented designer-makers. We also feel strongly about recycling and sustainability and while a printed publication is at the heart of our business, we have devised a unique way of dealing with damaged or ‘waste’ copies. We commissioned 7 talented designers, including Magie Hollingworth, to repurpose back issues of Warehouse Home. Many of the original designs are limited edition or one-off pieces. They were unveiled in Warehouse Home Issue Four and are now available to purchase exclusively from the Warehouse Home Shop.

Price quoted includes P+P.

We celebrate the publication of each issue of Warehouse Home with the launch of a new design collection. The Warehouse Home team works closely with talented British designers and brands to produce each exclusive range of furniture and accessories. The Warehouse Home collections draw on the latest interior design trends and every item been carefully crafted to suit stylish modern homes and warehouse conversions alike.

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