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Limited Edition Turned Paper Light
The turned newspaper pendant light is available “au natural”, made only from copies of Warehouse HomeTurned the paper block on a lathe creates this beautiful marbling effectWarehouse Home Capsule Collection

Limited Edition Turned Newspaper Light


We commissioned innovative lighting designer Becky Creed to create 50 Limited Edition pendant lights using surplus copies of Warehouse Home Issue One. 15 Warehouse Home newspapers are recycled to make a light. The lights are available “au natural”, made solely from newspaper, or with the addition of a hand painted blue interior and flecks of recycled blue card. So, now there’s another way to enjoy Warehouse Home!

Product Description

A trip to the toolshed inspired designer-maker Becky Creed to create The Turned Paper Collection. The 27-year-old contemporary craft graduate had often watched her father, a furniture maker, using traditional woodworking tools and techniques. Working on her debut lighting collection, she had experimented with a variety of different materials but was particularly keen to pursue a recycled and sustainable option. By layering and bonding together dozens of sheets of recycled and hand dyed paper, Becky found she could create a solid block of workable material which could then be shaped and turned on a traditional lathe. “The first time I used the lathe,” she remembers, “I was knocked out by a piece of flying material!” Fortunately, she recovered and persevered. Becky uses chisels and sandpaper to finely craft each paper block into a cylindrical light, the process revealing a unique marbling effect. We were immediately struck by Becky Creed’s distinctive Turned Paper lighting and saw a solution for the waste copies from the first print run of Warehouse Home. Each of the 50 Limited Edition Turned Newspaper Lights is formed from 15 recycled copies of Warehouse Home and measures approximately 25cm in length and 12cm in diameter. Each light is finished with a natural flex and a brass fixture and requires a LED bulb.

Please confirm your preferred lighting finish by quoting ‘natural’ or ‘blue’ when prompted during checkout.

Price quoted above includes P&P. £100 + £10 P&P each.

Additional Information

Dimensions 25 x 12 cm

We celebrate the publication of each issue of Warehouse Home with the launch of a new design collection. The Warehouse Home team works closely with talented British designers and brands to produce each exclusive range of furniture and accessories. The Warehouse Home collections draw on the latest interior design trends and every item been carefully crafted to suit stylish modern homes and warehouse conversions alike.

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