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Perfect Patina

Posted on Nov 17, 2013 by

This fantastic wall mural is a brilliant way to achieve instant industrial chic in your home. It’s actually an image taken from a weather-beaten metal shipping container and has wonderful blue and brown rust tones. The image is incredibly high-quality, meaning every detail of the metal panels, every scratch, scrape and dent is clearly marked out. Measuring 405cm by 265cm, the mural is large enough to decorate an entire wall in a room, although there’s no reason why you couldn’t also cut the mural to create a smaller feature area. Our tip: with such high-impact wall art you can keep the rest of your decor minimalist and simple; copper looks particularly striking against the colours of the mural.

Patina Mural, Code P131701-9, Communication by Mr Perswall, £248, wallpaperdirect

Patina mural, by Mr Pershwall Wallpapers, Wallpaperdirect

Patina Mural, Communication by Mr Perswall, wallpaperdirect
Image courtesy of

Wallpaperdirect also stock a slightly different version of the Patina wall mural, to the same large-scale dimensions and also based on an image from a highly weathered old shipping container. Again, it comes in a lovely soft blue with brown patina, which actually means it looks really charming in a warehouse or loft style bedroom – as pictured here below. Our tip: combine with white and neutrals to soften the look.

Patina Mural, Code P131702-9, Communication by Mr Perswall, £248, wallpaperdirect

blue and brown wall mural in a bedroom with white and turquoise bed linen and accessories

This version of the patina wall mural looks lovely in a bedroom – the industrial effect contrasting stylishly with the pretty white and turquoise bed linen and accessories.
Image courtesy of

If you like the patina mural from wallpaperdirect, you might also like this striking vintage drawers wallpaper from Decor Wallpaper or this concrete wallpaper from Bodie and Fou.


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