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#OurWarehouseHome On Instagram By Loaf

Posted on Sep 3, 2015 by

With their subtle industrial influences and warehouse inspired designs, many Loaf products sit very comfortably into the aesthetic of Warehouse Home.

Loaf and Warehouse Home Instagram takeover, industrial photos and warehouse inspired interiors

Loaf worked with Warehouse Home for an Instagram takeover with strong industrial style inspirations that had the Loaf touch
Images courtesy of

If you follow us on Instagram, you may be aware that on the Bank Holiday weekend Loaf took over our Instagram account.  From Saturday morning to Monday evening, Loaf shared Instagram’s of Pinterest-worthy interiors, industrial new products, warehouse behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and customer snapshots. Warehouse Home Instagram takeover saw behind the scenes workshop photos and customer interior design snapshots

Loaf’s Instagram takeover offered a sneak peek behind the scenes at their Derbyshire workspace and into the homes of their customers
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• Saturday saw a behind the scenes shot of the workbench at Loaf’s Derbyshire makers, where all of Loaf’s sofas are expertly hand made. Long Eaton in Derbyshire has long been considered the centre for upholstery in England, with much of the town’s workforce entirely focused on producing handmade furniture – and the family behind Loaf’s sofas have been handcrafting them for over 30 years.

• A Pinterest worthy picture of Loaf’s industrial inspired sideboard Hector, as styled by one of their customers.

• Loaf are just as passionate about concrete as we are. They shared a polished marbled concrete art installation.

Industrial inspired metal, brass and steel desk lamps, and rich modern sofas from loaf

Loaf’s aesthetic is industrial inspired with a focus on raw metals such as brass and steel. Their sofas would sit comfortably in any warehouse setting
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• The Buddy desk lamp is a new arrival for Loaf, arriving at the end of September, and encapsulates the industrial aesthetic. It’s been given a vintage bronze and brass finish, offset by a solid cast-iron base which looks like concrete, metal shade with gunmetal interior and standout detailing in the adjustable knobs.

• Loaf are opening their first store in Battersea this autumn, and their classically tailored Pudding sofa looks right at home in its industrial setting!

• The Little Gee desk lamp is a mixture of one part vintage pewter and two parts vintage brass, creating an unusual industrial tone – just add a vintage filament bulb and you’re good to go.

Industrial inspired design, warehouse features and British engineering from Loaf

Industrial inspired design, warehouse features and British engineering all featured in Loaf’s Instagram Takeover
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• The new Ace coffee table from Loaf is a firm favourite with the Warehouse Home team, featuring a polished concrete style tabletop and reclaimed wood trestle base. Its creation actually came about after a member of the Loaf team stacked both wooden and polished concrete finishes on top of trestles during a delivery!

• Loaf have a knack for spotting the unusual details that make a warehouse truly special and unique. These patterns and patinas of use on a warehouse floor are brought to life in the afternoon sunlight.

• Loaf’s new Lovebird weather clock was invented by the brilliant sibling duo, Sarah and Rob, who couldn’t find a barometer they liked and subsequently spent months knee-deep in cogs, dials and springs in North London designing their own. Great British design at its best.

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