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Nifty Neon

Posted on Aug 29, 2013 by

Create real wow-factor in your home with neon letter wall art. Letteroom offers the full range of individual letters and numbers – which you can either display individually or link together to form a word of your choice. They also have an ampersand, question mark, heart shape and an arrow – so you can get really creative! The letters come with everything you need to clip them together and fix your new neon artwork to the wall – it couldn’t be easier and looks so cool!

Neon letter, by The Letteroom, £45 each, Not On The High Street

Neon letter wall art, by the Letteroom, from Not On The High Street

Neon Letter, by The Letteroom, Not On The High Street
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Love spelt out in neon wall letters, by The Letteroom from Not On The High Street

Spell it out. Why be subtle when you can go neon?
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