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Monochrome Interior Decor – Pinspiration

Posted on Jan 26, 2015 by

I’ve always been a big fan of monochrome interiors. There’s something very chic about a black and white scheme and it’s a combination that’s especially well suited to industrial style interiors. So this Monday Pinspiration post is dedicated to all things monochrome.

Monochrome home office decor with large task lamp and design books

Even if you’re working with a small space, using black and white really ups the style ante.
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This is a look that can work in any room of your home.

Monochrome industrial chic loft bedroom

This monochrome loft bedroom has a strong industrial chic look. I love the collected prints above the bed. Styling by Pelia Hedeby.
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Black and white chic living room with industrial touches

Black and white are in perfect balance in this chic living room with industrial touches.
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Industrial chic living room with black sofa and rug, industrial light and white walls

Keeping dark colours at floor level and painting the walls a brilliant white means this minimalist living room’s monochrome scheme is striking without feeling overbearing.
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A monochrome scheme can be particularly striking in the more functional rooms of the house – rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. In the kitchen…

monochrome industrial chic kitchen with subway tiles and bare bulbs

In this kitchen black appliances blend into the matt black units, which contrast beautifully with the sleek white subway tiles.
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Monochrome kitchen with sleek black units, white painted brick wall, industrial factory lights

Here, a long run of sleek black units against a white painted brick wall has transformed an otherwise awkward space into a stylish kitchen. Two enormous industrial lights add further drama, and not to mention plenty of light, to the space.
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Meanwhile, in the bathroom…

Manhattan apartment bathroom with black walls, white subway tiles and industrial style steel framed shower

I love the dramatic black walls in this Manhattan apartment’s bathroom. Your eye is immediately drawn to the large shower enclosure with white subway tiles and steel-framed doors.
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I don’t know about you, but I could spend many a happy hour scanning through property sites with my (sadly imaginary) unlimited budget. I love to imagine what I would do with some of the properties I come across. The huge open-plan lofts pinned below would lend themselves very well to a strong black and white decorative scheme.

Monochrome loft apartment with wooden floor and steel columns

What would you do with this space? Would you embrace a monochrome scheme? I think it’s a perfect blank canvas!
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Monochrome Chicago loft apartment with white floors and black steel mezzanine

I think this huge open loft space in Chicago has huge potential. And with those huge windows you could really embrace a darker scheme with confidence.
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So, how do you feel about monochrome schemes? Would you consider embracing black and white in your home? Tweet us your thoughts!

Don’t forget to join us next Monday for yet more Pinspiration. In the meantime, we have plenty to keep you occupied on Pinterest. You can also read the other posts in our dedicated Monochrome features section.

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