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Meet the Designer: Kreisdesign

Posted on Sep 21, 2015 by

Our new blog feature ‘Meet the Designer’ was inspired by our work with the talented designers involved in our debut Capsule Collection. The collection of exclusive designs, which launched with the publication of Warehouse Home Issue Two, was inspired by the latest interior trends and is only available via the Warehouse Home shop.

Warehouse Home capsule collection exclusive furniture and accessory designs

The debut Warehouse Home Capsule Collection
Photography by Sun Lee | Styling by Zoe Brewer

1. What was the original inspiration for Kreisdesign?
I think the first design where I remember how it all started was the pegboard. It was inspired by a need to store and at the same time display my shoes. I wanted to have them in view, so it would be very easy to choose the right pair for the day. I started experimenting with nails and wooden boards to hang the shoes and it soon developed into a perforated board where one can arrange various pegs as required. Voila! The pegboard was born. Not really a new idea, but oh so functional for so many applications!

2. Have you always been a designer? 
No, my background is in interior architecture. I designed a lot of furniture and lighting for client projects, and always put a lot of attention and time into each design. But I think I always had a wish to bring the designs out into the world and not have them limited to one client. Over the years I collected lots of ideas for products. Then, a few years ago, I rented a small studio and started making and experimenting with different designs and materials. This was really the start and I said to myself, “Let’s move to the ‘centre of design’”: in my eyes, that was London. So, after living and working as an architect in Australia for 6 years, I moved to London to become a furniture and product designer. And, as much as I was missing the ‘old world’, I was very excited to move to the other side!

Nikki Kreis set up her studio Kreisdesign at the beginning of 2012

Nikki Kreis set up her studio Kreisdesign at the beginning of 2012
Image courtesy of

3. Which designers inspire you the most?
I am inspired by the simplicity and beauty of John Pawson and Peter Zumthor – both architects, who have also designed products. And the iconic British designer Terence Conran – I find his extensive body of work very inspiring.

4. Which project has been your favourite to date?
My home accessories crafted from birch plywood. I love the layering of the material that gives a very graphic aspect to the products. I am a bit obsessed with plywood at the moment.

5. What does the future hold for Kreisdesign?
I am looking at variations for the pegboard, like screen printing onto the face, additional accessories, free standing elements, etc! There is no limit! Another passion of mine is working with metal, being a welder I like to go into the studio and experiment and bring ideas to life.

Thank you to Nikki for taking the time to talk to us!

In collaboration with Warehouse Home, Nikki created a colourful new interpretation of her popular plywood pegboard and added vibrant colours to her plywood desk tidies. They’re available exclusively from is only available via the Warehouse Home shop.

Kreisdesign Plywood Pegboard and Plywood Desk Tidies for Warehouse Home

Kreisdesign Pegboard and Plywood Desk Tidies for Warehouse Home

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