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It’s #AfternoonTeaWeek With a Twist

Posted on Aug 12, 2015 by

If you hadn’t already heard, it’s #AfternoonTeaWeek! Afternoon Tea is a recognised English pastime, and most hotels will offer a menu that can carry on throughout the afternoon to cocktail hour! The practice has roots in the age of the Industrial Revolution, with workers returning home famished to an afternoon tea. Many of London’s warehouses stored tea from the far east and the capital held its first tea auctions in 1706. It quickly became recognised as the centre of the international tea trade. You can still catch a glimpse of this history in Greenwich, by stepping aboard the world’s last surviving tea clipper, the Cutty Sark.

Finding most tea party talk a little too chintzy for our tastes, we went in search of some alternative tableware that would suit a warehouse home or industrial scheme.

Alternative Afternoon Tea Cups from Falcon Enamelware, Nordal and Diesel with Seletti #AfternoonTeaWeek

Industrial style Afternoon Tea Cups from Falcon Enamelware, Nordal and Diesel with Seletti
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1. Mug in Coal Black, £7.99, Falcon Enamelware

The Falcon mug is a classic and iconic design. Manufactured from heavyweight steel and thicker enamel, it’s highly durable. We love the smart new Coal Black version.

2. Nordal Glass/Metal Cup and Saucers, Set of 4, £53, Amara

Elegant yet industrial, these stylish cups by Nordal feature a scalloped design that contrasts strikingly with textured aluminium saucers. They’re an industrial yet chic solution for serving tea.

3. Set of 3 Diesel with Seletti Machine Collection Mugs, £31, Amara

Who needs delicate china for their Darjeeling? We think these unique mugs by Diesel with Seletti are both different and daring. You might remember the cog inspired design of the Machine Collection from the front page of Warehouse Home Issue Two!

But the most important part of Afternoon Tea, of course, is Cake. Well, it is for us anyway! And these serveware finds are right up our industrial style street!

Alternative Cake Stands for #AfternoonTeaWeek

Alternative Cake Stands for #AfternoonTeaWeek from Kreisdesign, Barak7 and Michael Aram
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1. Cake Stand, £38, Kreisdesign

You may immediately recognise the designer behind the design of this plywood cake stand from Warehouse Home Issue 2 and our exclusive design collection. Ofering amazing plywood designs in the form of a pegboard wall panel and desk tidies (which can you see here). Her cake stand is the perfect mix between contemporary yet unusual – we can imagine it sitting on a contrasting marble worktop or concrete dining table!

2. Industrial metal cake stand, £39, Barak7

For the ultimate industrial look, this metal cake stand from Barak7 is a definite winner! Made with two metal trays, the base of the stand is a reclaimed metal cog or bicycle gear, with the handle holding similarities to a bicycle chain! Plus, it has two tiers – the more cake the better!

3. Michael Aram Rock Cake Stand, £214, Amara

Cakes and cookies will look Great British Bake Off worthy on this luxurious cake stand from Michael Aram. Handmade from enamel with a round granite surface, the stand is supported by an indulgent, Art Deco inspired rock stand in gold tones! The ideal way to truly create a centerpiece!

Happy #AfternoonTeaWeek everybody! Please share any photos with us on Twitter (@mywarehousehome) if you host an industrial style Afternoon Tea!

Afternoon Tea doesn't always need to be floral and cutesy, Warehouse Home takes a look at the perfect cups and cake stands for an alternative twist

Afternoon Tea doesn’t always need to be floral and cutesy – why not go for an industrial touch?
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