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Industrial Illumination

Posted on Nov 6, 2013 by

These vintage industrial pendant lights from Solid ID will add real wow-factor to your home. The ‘Corby’ light combines a glass enclosure and cage with a sturdy an aluminium body. Signs of wear and slight patina on the metal enhance the light’s strong character. Meanwhile, the ‘Corus’ enamel light is a lovely grey with little white specks all over and a white interior, which give the industrial light a slightly softer edge. Both lights are supplied with 2m of black and white flex, as well as an adjustable metal cable for hanging, completing their industrial look. They’re both very large (60cm and 80cm in height respectively) and very heavy, so be sure to hang from a strong beam with the correct fixtures. And be sure to position your impressive new lighting prominently where it can be enjoyed in all its factory chic glory.

We should also mention that the Solid ID pop-up shop is now open, for a limited period, in London’s Spitalfields and it’s a great place to while away a Sunday, full of unusual finds and vintage pieces and offering plenty of inspiration for your home. Pop in!

Industrial aluminium light ‘Corby’ (front), £395, Solid ID

Industrial pendant ‘Corus’ (back), £395, Solid ID

Industrial aluminium light Corby, industrial pendant Corus, both Solid ID

Industrial aluminium light Corby (front), industrial pendant Corus (behind),
both Solid ID
Images courtesy of

If you like the industrial Corby and Corus lights from Solid ID, we’re sure you’ll like these other vintage and vintage-style lighting solutions we’ve found for you!


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