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Imli Street

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Date Night last week saw Mr MWH and I heading to Soho and to Imli Street (that’s the name of the restaurant, not the street). We were looking for a quick and convenient bite to eat before heading to a late showing at the cinema (Monuments Men – see it, it’s brilliant). Imli Street fitted the bill perfectly. The menu is based on Indian street cuisine, drawing inspiration from different regions and aspects of Indian life, from roadside dhabas (street carts) snacks to traditional beach-front food and classic dishes from the railway. The dishes are served tapas style, brought to the table when they’re ready, and they’re the perfect size for sharing. Momentarily forgetting our slight time constraints, we ordered regional dishes from each section of the menu: North Indian style lamb meatballs, ‘Railway Lamb’ Anglo-Indian curry, kingfish curry with spiced tapioca mash and Calcutta style Indian-Chinese chilli chicken. Convinced that we might still be hungry, and with a spare few inches remaining on the table, we also requested Mr MWH’s favourite saag paneer and the special bread of the day, peshwari naan. In all honesty, we weren’t convinced by the Indian-Chinese chilli chicken – frankly our humble palettes simply identified it as “Chinese” and it seemed somewhat out of place with our other plates. But we felt we’d ordered extremely well otherwise. The kingfish was soft, succulent and sensitively spiced. The ‘Railway Lamb’ had a very nice heat and kick to it. Having struggled to finish our mains, we suffered a further memory lapse and happily accepted our lovely waiter’s dessert suggestions. Somehow we found ourselves facing a chocolate pataka (a richer-than-rich chocolate and walnut brownie) and a vibrantly coloured mango soup, which was as delicious as it was colourful. Eventually, we admitted defeat. Vowing to return and over-eat again soon, we waddled our way feeling slow but sated, and running late, to the cinema.

Imli Street, 167-169 Wardour Street, London W1F 8WR

Kingfish curry and tapioca mash, Imli Street

Kingfish curry and tapioca mash, Imli Street
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Mango soup with coconut ice cream and basil sago, Imli Street

The beautifully bright mango soup with coconut ice cream and basil sago, Imli Street
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Inevitably, our attention was also drawn to the interior decor at Imli Street. The pared back industrial style was the perfect backdrop for the colourful street food dishes we were enjoying – and we spotted various decorative elements that you can incorporate in your own home. Read on for tips on how to get this Soho restaurant’s stylish look.

Imli Street Soho London Indian street food restaurant industrial style decor

Imli Street, Soho, London
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If you like the wall lights at Imli Street pictured above, you can get a similar look in your own home with these trendy industrial style wall lights from Rockett St George. The lights are fixed to a timber mount which is screwed to the wall and the shades are adjustable both vertically and horizontally, meaning they give great precision lighting.

Double industrial style wall light, £115, Rockett St George

Double industrial style wall light with metal shades, Rockett St George

Double industrial style wall light, Rockett St George
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The bar at Imli Street was busy and buzzing on a Wednesday evening and is clearly a popular spot for enjoying pre and post dinner drinks. Our tip: kick the evening off with a “Calcutta Trader” (champagne, Xante liqueur and guava juice).

Imli Street Soho industrial style Indian restaurant bar

The bar at Imli Street is a fun spot to enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail and catch up with a friend.
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We loved the industrial style lights hanging above the bar at Imli Street. If you like them too, then nip over to John Lewis where you’ll find the wonderful well glass pendant light by Davey Lighting (pictured below), combining an iron pendant and screw glass shade with a galvanised brass suspension loop. And if the wood and metal dining tables at Imli Street appeal, you can channel a similar look with the Albany dining table from Marks & Spencer (also below). The cedar wood tabletop has been lightly distressed for a rustic finish and the tubular steel base gives the dining table a smart industrial feel.

Well glass pendant light, by Davey Lighting, £189, John Lewis

Well glass pendant industrial light, by Davey Lighting, John Lewis

Well glass pendant light, by Davey Lighting, John Lewis
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Albany dining table, £599, Marks & Spencer

Albany dining table with rustic distressed cedar wood tabletop and tubular steel base, Marks & Spencer

Albany dining table, Marks & Spencer
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On our table while we enjoyed our meal at Imli Street were some charming enamelware cups and a vintage style stoppered bottle of table water. You can find similar, and very reasonably priced, vintage style glass bottles with fitted stoppers from both John Lewis and Ikea. And look no further than Falcon Enamelware for your colourful enamel tumblers. Falcon have been producing their iconic British enamelware since the 1920s and we have a particular soft spot for their classic white and blue colourway.

Imli Street Soho Indian street food restaurant enamel cups and vintage style bottle

We just love the vintage-style bottles of table water and the enamelware cups at Imli Street.
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Enamel tumblers, £5.99, Falcon Enamelware

Colourful enamel tumblers, Falcon Enamelware

Enamel tumblers, Falcon Enamelware
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To book your table and experience the dishes and decor at Imli Street for yourself, call 020 7287 4243 or email

We hope you enjoyed our first “Get The Look” feature. Watch this space for more design and decoration inspiration from our favourite restaurants, bars and hotels! And follow us on Pinterest for daily design direction!

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