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Home Decor Ideas With Typography

Posted on Apr 6, 2015 by

Typography never fails to catch the imagination. Iconic quotes and numerics can both be used to striking effect in your home decor, whether you decide to invest in a beautiful piece of wall art or get hands on with DIY stencilling. We’ve been gathering some different ideas together on Pinterest, from the bold and graphic to vintage inspired, and just had to share them with you!

If you have exposed brick walls, consider stencilling them for an eye-catching ghost sign effect. Faded hand-painted signs and adverts of yesteryear can be spotted on the walls of so many former industrial buildings. Visit for a fantastic archive of original ghostsigns – if you’re feeling really creative, you could try to recreate one! We commissioned artist Mike Meyer through Better Letters to recreate this beautiful “English Fancy” ghost sign on the front page of Warehouse Home. See the original here.

Warehouse Home soft industrial bedroom in pink and grey

We created this beautifully soft industrial bedroom scheme for the launch issue of Warehouse Home.
Styling by Carole Poirot and Sophie Bush; Photography by Carole Poirot

Home Decor Ideas With Typography | Traditional Ghost Sign | Vintage Style Interior Design | DIY

Vintage-inspired ghost signs look really striking when painted onto an exposed brick wall
Image via

Incoporating colour can really make ghost sign inspired lettering stand out.

Home Decor Ideas With Typography | Vintage Ghost Signs and Advertising | Industrial Interior Design

The ghost sign in this workshop looks so authentic it could actually be an original 
Image via

But you don’t have to paint or stencil your walls to get the vintage look. A salvaged sign, such as this old apothecary sign, can make a real feature in your home.

Home Decor Ideas With Typography | Vintage Inspired Typography and Wall Art | Industrial Kitchen | Interior Design Inspiration

A salvaged sign with traditional typography looks amazing in this industrial kitchen
Image via

If you’re feeling creative but don’t want to paint directly onto your walls, you could invest in a blackboard and have a go at re-imagining decorative vintage fonts. Mix and match ornate Victorian era calligraphy styles with fairground or circus inspired lettering for a bold statement.

Home Decor Ideas With Typography | Vintage Inspired Interior Design | Calligraphy | Blackboard

This blackboard mixes elegant hand drawn calligraphy with vintage fonts
Image via bonnie tsang photography on Flickr

If your style is more contemporary, consider using bold, graphic fonts to catch the eye. Numerics can be the most effective as they’re so simple. Monochrome always makes an impact. And we say you can’t beat an iconic stencil font!

Home Decor Ideas With Typography | Wall Art and Stencils | Numerics | Graphic Interior Design Inspiration

Stencilled numbers lend graphic detail to a neutral room
Image via

For a dramatic statement, experiment with scale! We love this bold oversized design, with floor numbers that call to mind an industrial factory setting.

Home Decor Ideas With Typography | Floor Numbers | Monochrome Industrial Interior Design

Playing with scale and graphic fonts can create a striking aesthetic
Image via

Roman numerals can bring an element of vintage style into a modern space. Using bold lettering compliments the minimalist decor and graphic prints seen elsewhere in the room.

Home Decor Ideas With Typography | Contemporary Interior Design | Roman Numeral Wall Art

Bold fonts can be incorporated into a contemporary minimalist decor
Image via

Inspirational quotes are a key trend at the moment: use a graphic font and humour but try not to be too cheesy! Motivational language can aid productivity in a home office, too!

Home Decor Ideas With Typography | Inspirational Wall Art | Industrial Home Office | Interior Design Inspiration

Inspirational wall art completes the look in this industrial study space
Image via

Finally, mix and match your wall art! Combine calligraphy, numbers and a variety of fonts for an eclectic look. The monochrome palette ties these prints together in a raw industrial space.

Home Decor Ideas With Typography | Wall Art | Industrial Desk | Monochrome | Interior Design Inspiration

An eclectic mix of typographic styles compliment each other thanks to the monochrome colour palette
Image via

What do you think of these looks? If you love typography and want to incorporate it into your home decor, take a look at our Pinterest and Polyvore pages for more inspiration!

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Home Decor Ideas With Typography


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