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The Ikea PS (Post Scriptum) 2014 collection, released this week, is called “On The Move”. The collection is the result of research commissioned by Ikea into the lifestyles of urbanites; research which found that 1 in 5 now lives in a space smaller than 30 square metres and which revealed that nearly a third of urban dwellers have moved more than twice in the last 3 years. Such compact living and changeability poses obvious challenges. Ikea selected 19 young designers from around the world to collaborate on a design collection specifically for “creative young urbanites”. The 51 items of furniture and accessories are crafted from lightweight materials, with colourful accents and customisable accessories. The collection focuses heavily on flexibility and mobility, on multi-functional, modular and movable solutions for smaller spaces. And, as you would expect from Ikea, who have long declared that “everyone is entitled to great design”, the collection is as affordable as it is adaptable. In fact, the On The Move range is the most affordable PS collection to date.

Our favourite piece from the collection, and one that is perfect for creating a “loft look”, is this metal locker-inspired wardrobe with a graphic twist, designed by Matali Crasset from France. The metal mesh frame in powder-coated steel makes the wardrobe light enough to move around. The frame is available in 2 finishes, silver and white, and the wardrobe is supplied with 160 plastic ‘pixels’ in black, red, orange, yellow and green.

Wardrobe, £100, by Matali Crasset, Ikea

Ikea PS 2014 wardrobe in powder coated steel with coloured pixels by Matali Crasset

Wardrobe, by Matali Crasset, Ikea
Image courtesy of

Personalise your wardrobe with pixels, whether symmetrical shapes, solid colour blocks or random patterns. Customise with the full array of pixel tiles or strategically place just a handful. Alternatively, if you prefer a minimalist style, the wardrobe is just as stylish left plain and you can simply store the pixels in the canvas bag provided.

Ikea PS 2014 On The Move wardrobe in powder coated steel with coloured pixels

Get creative and customise your wardrobe with the brightly coloured plastic ‘pixels’ provided
Image courtesy of

The wardrobe features a clothes rail and 1 fixed and 1 adjustable shelf, making it a useful storage solution for the bedroom, bathroom or hallway.

Ikea PS 2014 On The Move powder coated steel frame wardrobe

The lightweight powder-coated steel frame of the wardrobe makes it easy to move
Image courtesy of

If locker-style furniture appeals, then you might also be interested in some other stylish furniture we’ve written about recently, including these industrial storage solutions from The Old Cinema, Alexander & Pearl, Rockett St George and BODIE and FOU. And be sure to visit our Storage + Shelving section and Pinterest board for further inspiration.

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