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Get The Look With Canto Corvino

Posted on Mar 17, 2016 by

For this week’s Get The Look post, we turn our attention to modern Italian restaurant, Canto Corvino. Serving mouth watering dishes such as saltmarsh lamb ribs roasted on a layer of smoked aubergine and sesame, the establishment has received many rave reviews.

However, it’s not just the food that is gaining attention – the interior is quite a sight to behold too.”Here is a genuinely beautiful room with warehouse and industrial connotations that still remains warm and elegant,” wrote top restaurant critic Grace Dent in the London Evening Standard recently. Situated in the heart of one of London’s top food destinations, Spitalfields, the Italian eatery showcases a beautiful interior design scheme that merges industrial and vintage with a smart modern finish. Take a look below to see how they’ve made it work.

Canto Corvino Bar

The bar takes centre stage with its retro design.
Image courtesy of

Serving as the centrepiece of the premises, the filing cabinet style bar is made of reclaimed distressed timber and is reminiscent of a bank or old legal offices. It has a vintage feel that is at once subtle and elegant. The perfect setting to enjoy one of Canto Corvino’s amazing Romeo cocktails with gin, elderflower, lime juice, fresh kiwi, cucumber and apple juice.

The Canto Corvino bar immediately called to our minds this superb Industrial Apothecary Drawer Unit from Vincent & Barn. It’s a practical and sturdy unit that would look equally at home in a living room or home office.

Industrial Apothecary Drawer Unit, £525, Vincent and Barn

Industrial Apothecary Drawer Unit

A multi drawer wood and iron storage industrial style cabinet from Vincent and Barn
Image courtesy of

If you simply want to achieve the appearance of stacked filing drawers, this fantastic wallpaper from the experts Decor Wallpaper will create the right illusion. It can be adapted to a narrow alcove or create a full-blown feature wall; the monochrome version of this wallpaper will catch everyone’s eye on any scale.

This Apothecary Cabinet from Cambrewood is another great option!

Vintage Drawers Black & White Wallpaper, £40 per roll, Decor Wallpaper

Filing Wallpaper

Vintage weathered draws cabinet print wallpaper.
Image courtesy of

Sitting at one of Canto Corvino’s bench seat tables, you can’t help but admire the striking yellow industrial light hanging above. It adds a bold splash of colour alongside the vintage white tiles and warehouse style windows.

Canto Corvino Lighting

Inset warehouse style windows create a sense of space, offering a view through to the bar on the other side of the restaurant
Image courtesy of

For a similar big-impact industrial style light, we recommend Original BTC’s Titan Size Pendant.

Titan Size Pendant, £309, Original BTC

An original 1940s design, found primarily in factories. Image courtesy of

An original 1940s design, found primarily in factories.
Image courtesy of

Elsewhere in the restaurant, exposed brickwork and room length metal mesh screens create a strong yet refined industrial aesthetic.

Canto Corvino Industrial Design

Textures from the bricks, metal screens and dark wood dining tables come together to form a strong industrial scheme.
Image courtesy of

But back at the bar (naturally!), it’s the bar stools that have caught our eyes. Their understated contemporary design combines a polished wooden seat with an elegant metal frame.

Canto Corvino Interior

A range of wood with different shades and finishes ensure the interior isn’t overwhelming.
Image courtesy of

Graham and Green have produced an equally simple and striking design, which will suit any kitchen breakfast bar.

Weathered Oak & Metal Stool, £185, Graham & Green

Graham & Green's weathered oak stool will complete your kitchen breakfast bar.

Graham & Green’s weathered oak stool will complete your kitchen breakfast bar.
Image courtesy of

We hope we’ve tempted you to visit Canto Corvino and enjoy its elegant food and industrial decor. For more inspirational restaurant and bar designs, see our carefully curated Pinterest board.

Remember to take a look at Warehouse Home Issue Three. You can read the issue in full here or in the reader below:

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