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Galerie Wallcoverings Industrial Murals

Posted on Mar 11, 2016 by

The Warehouse Home team recently came across this stunning industrial conversion in Bresica, Italy. The former sock factory dates from the 1940s and was converted by Vincenzo De Cotis Architects. Without a doubt, the most notable feature is the weathered walls which have a beautifully raw finish – and minimalist modern decor ensures the full drama of the space can be enjoyed. While this property is clearly unique – certainly in size and scale – we have discovered a great way for you to draw inspiration from this remarkable space at home. Galerie Wallcoverings have released a brilliant collection of wallpapers inspired by “the raw textures of minimalist mechanics” that allow you to bring an industrial feel into your property with ease.

Converted warehouse in Brescia, Italy.

Converted warehouse in Brescia, Italy.
Image courtesy of
Photography by Max Zambelli

The lighter tones of this Factory 2 Mural by Gallerie Wallcoverings would work in a variety of interior spaces.

Factory 2 Mural, from £424.95  , Galerie Home

This Factory 2 mural offers a more subtle industrial style.

Factory 2 Mural, Gallerie Wallcoverings
Image courtesy of

This design has a much darker metallic grey finish, with realistic spots of orange rust dotted throughout.

Factory 2 Mural, 12 lengths: £726.95, Galerie Home

A darker and more stripped back aesthetic is offered by this mural.

The darker tones of this industrial style mural are particularly dramatic
Image courtesy of

A third design combines exposed brickwork and concrete for a heavy-duty factory inspired look. The red bricks add a touch of colour to the industrial mural.

Factory 2 mural, 9 panels: £538.95, Galerie Home

An exposed brickwork and damaged concrete effect is achieved with this mural.

An exposed brickwork and damaged concrete effect is achieved with this mural.
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