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Far From Hum Drum

Posted on Jan 7, 2015 by

When Kat and Andy Wyeth struggled to find an impressive light to hang over their dining table, they decided to make their own, converting a salvaged steel drum into a dramatic pendant. The compliments they received spurred them on to found Lichtfass Company and bring their inspired industrial lighting to market.

Lichtfass Company 60 litre steel drum pendant light

The 60 litre steel drum pendant light, Lichtfass Company
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The patented “barrel- lamps” are crafted from 60 litre and 200 litre drums, but “by no means does every barrel make the cut to become a Lichtfass” says Kat. The lamps are skillfully handcrafted in Germany to the highest quality and no two are the same. Old steel containers are individually selected for their dents, rustiness and distinctive colours. They are then sliced horizontally into three equal sections. Over the course of about three weeks, the steel drum sections pass through the hands of at least ten different experienced workers, slowly undergoing their transformation from distressed storage cylinders to big impact contemporary pendant lights.

Lichtfass upcycles steel drums to create dramatic industrial pendant shades

The enormous steel drums are cut into three equal sections, each to become an enormous Lichtfass pendant shade.
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The Lichtfass shades are available in two sizes and we think they look amazing hung low over a dining table with a heritage style filament bulb.

60 litre pendant, 38.4cm diameter, €589, Lichtfass Company

Lichtfass industrial steel drum shade

Every steel drum has a different patina, meaning each Lichtfass pendant is unique
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This feature was taken from the launch issue of Warehouse Home.
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