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Concrete Desk Set By Areaware

Posted on Aug 26, 2013 by

The functional nature of an office or study often means design is in somewhat short supply. But this desk set made from cement will instantly add an element of industrial chic to any workspace. The set includes a tape dispenser, pencil holder and small tray –  you’ll have to supply your own pencils (we think yellow HPs contrast very pleasingly with the concrete).

Concrete desk set, by Areaware, £41.50, SCP*

Concrete desk set, tape dispenser, pen pot and tray

Concrete desk set, by Areaware, SCP
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Concrete desk accessories, tape dispenser, pen pot and small tray, all by Areaware from SCP

Unique concrete accoutrements for your desktop
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Concrete tape dispenser by Areaware for SCP

Bring industrial chic to your desktop with Areaware’s unusual concrete renderings of functional office staples
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*Unfortunately, the Areaware concrete desk set is no longer available from SCP.

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