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Concrete Treats From Between Dog And Wolf

Posted on Aug 25, 2013 by

We’re obsessed with the current concrete trend. These smooth, understated hand-cast sugar bowls from Between Dog and Wolf are a subtle way to bring a touch of industrial chic to your home. The pots have a lovely tactile surface and are available in grey or white, their colour will develop a natural patina with age and handling. At 10cm in diameter, the bowls are the perfect size for sugar and sugar cubes, but can of course also be used to hold salt and pepper or other seasoning. Each pot has a fitted lid to keep the contents dry and fresh.

Concrete sugar bowl, by Culinarium, £26.50, Between Dog and Wolf

Concrete sugar bowl with lid in grey, by Culinarium, Between Dog and Wolf

Concrete sugar bowl in grey, by Culinarium, Between Dog and Wolf
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White concrete sugar bowl from Between Dog and Wolf

The bowls can be used to store sugar, sugar cubes, seasoning, nuts or snacks
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For a slightly different look, Between Dog and Wolf also have stacking concrete pots – available in two different sizes.

Stacking concrete pots, by Culinarium, from £35, Between Dog and Wolf

Stacking concrete pots in two different colours and sizes

The stacking concrete pots by Culinarium are available in 2 different sizes
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Stacking concrete pots containing white salt and black pepper

Store pepper and rock salt in these stacking grey and white concrete pots for a stylish table centrepiece 
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