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Cork: The Natural Choice For Interiors

Posted on Aug 26, 2015 by

“Harvested from the bark of mature trees in southwest Europe and northwest Africa, cork is a sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly material that is extremely versatile. It’s lightweight, water resistant and fire resistant too. Not to mention the fact that it looks fantastic!”

Stacey Sheppard, Design Blogger,

Ikea's collaboration with Ilse Crawford includes 30 stylish pieces in cork, as part of the SINNERLIG collection!

Ikea’s collaboration with Ilse Crawford includes 30 stylish pieces in cork!
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Designers have been developing fantastic new applications for cork in the past few years. From furniture and accessories to unusual lighting, an increasing emphasis on sustainability in design has made cork a popular choice. It’s so popular that Ikea have collaborated with British designer Ilse Crawford to create the SINNERLIG collection. The collection, available now, features 30 items of affordable yet stylish furniture and accessories in cork, loosely categorised into three groups; dining, working and lounging. Explore the full collection here. Pleasingly of course, the affordability of Ikea means it’s possible to justify buying more than one item!

The SINNERLIG collection is split into three groups: dining, working and lounging, made up of 30 cork interior accessories and furniture

The SINNERLIG collection is loosely split into three groups: dining, working and lounging
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If you’re on the lookout for other cork pieces, take a look at the Au Natural feature in Warehouse Home Issue Two:

Warehouse Home issue two focused on the use of cork in interiors products and it's benefits

In Warehouse Home Issue Two, we explored the natural trend, taking a strong focus on cork being used in interiors

You can enjoy the full issue here:

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