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Concrete Cup

Posted on Aug 28, 2013 by

For over a century, Swedish company SRF Hantverk have employed visually impaired craftsmen to make their handcrafted brushes. Made using traditional methods, with a maple wood handle and badgers hair brush, the shaving brush is designed to last. It fits into a groove along the lid of an accompanying concrete shaving cup. The cup is made from a soft concrete and contains an aromatic handmade soap made in the Swedish town of Sundborn. This charming set would make a smart addition to your bathroom shelves.

Shaving soap in soft concrete cup, by SRF Hantverk, £48.95, SCP

Shaving brush, by SRF Hantverk, £34.75, SCP

Shaving soap in soft concrete cup with shaving brush by SRF Hantverk from SCP

Shaving soap in soft concrete cup with shaving brush (brush sold separately), by SRF Hantverk, SCP
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If you like this unusual soft concrete shaving set from SRF Hantverk, we’re sure you’ll also like these beautiful concrete soap dishes, also by SRF Hantverk and available from SCP. And be sure to visit our Concrete and Bathroom sections for further inspiration from the mywarehousehome team!


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