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Bohemian Rugs For Lofts

Posted on Feb 16, 2015 by

We love the current trend for Bohemian Modern interiors – and particularly the use of colourful Persian, Oriental and ethnic rugs in a loft apartment or warehouse home. Perhaps it’s because it’s still cold outside, but our thoughts have been increasingly turning to colour and brightening up an interior scheme! Here are our 4 top tips for channelling Bohemian Modern in your home with striking rugs.

1. Add colour to an industrial or minimalist scheme

Bohemian style prints are great for bringing vibrant colour and warmth to a minimalist or industrial style space. Geometric patterns and colour look really chic when combined with crisp white walls, wooden floors and beams or exposed brickwork. The original features of warehouse homes and lofts can be quite “raw” and industrial, so they can take shots of bold colour and a funky ethnic palter of pinks, blues and oranges.

Brightly coloured Bohemian rugs contrast beautifully with the exposed brickwork in this stylish modern loft apartment.

Brightly coloured Bohemian rugs contrast with the exposed brickwork in this stylish modern loft apartment.
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2. Add texture to a space

Soft to the touch, woven rugs can add comforting texture to a scheme and warmth to a concrete or tiled floor. Embrace the authentic, lived-in nature of woven fabrics; unraveled embroidery and fraying edges only add charm and complete the Bohemian look. Add wooden accessories to the room will further complement earthy tones and ethnic prints. And don’t shy away from bringing in both coordinating and contrasting embroidered cushions and wall hangings.

Colourful ethnic woven rugs, throws and wall hanging with wood industrial furniture

Colourful ethnic woven rugs work well when combined with wooden industrial furniture.
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3. Create a focal point in a room and define a space

A large rug, or combination of rugs, can be really effective in an open-plan or larger space as a means of defining an area with  a specific purpose. This might be a relaxing reading area or living area or a dining space.

Colourful Bohemian rugs in open plan loft

The colourful Bohemian rugs in this open plan loft help to create a clearly defined living area.
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Industrial chic loft with modern recliner and bohemian rug

The owner of this industrial chic loft has used a colourful rug to define a reading / relaxing area with modern recliner.
Image via

Industrial chic kitchen with Persian rug and vintage seating

The Persian rug in this industrial chic kitchen creates a focal point of the dining area and ties the vintage seating and table together visually.
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4. Channel a retro vibe

This rug (below) complements the retro feel of the space with a 70’s colour palette and gives character and life to an otherwise fairly characterless white brick corner.

Vintage retro 70s loft with bohemian rug

The owner of this loft has channelled a distinctly vintage retro 70s feel. The rug brings a sharp injection of colour to an otherwise understated space.
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So, what do you think of the Bohemian trend? Is it for you? Have you incorporated a colourful rug in your own home? Tweet us with your thoughts!

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