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Artificial Intelligence: Faux Plants

Posted on Jul 9, 2015 by

From high street to high-end, faux botanicals of all shapes and sizes are now so realistic that it is easier than ever to bring greenery into your home. Tall and tropical leaves, waxy succulents and clusters of cacti are this season’s must-have plants and their spiky shapes perfectly complement an industrial interior. But these no-maintenance faux fronds are also an ideal solution for any home where outdoor space is scarce. Fill hanging planters and window boxes or create simple yet stylish centerpieces. In a small corner of our warehouse home, we experimented with luxe copper tones, geometric planters and vintage vessels and found that gardening is not just for the green fingered.

This feature was taken from Warehouse Home Issue 2. Enjoy the publication in full here.

Faux plants, styled with copper, geometric planters and vintage vessels, together with vintage industrial furniture. For Warehouse Home Issue Two.

This striking array of faux plants proves that gardening isn’t just for the green fingered! We say, go faux!
Photography by Sun Lee | Styling by Zoe Brewer

(On floor, from left) Green carboy, £32,; Large florists bucket, £30,; Large Mohave cactus, £208,; Large medicine bottle, £20,; Vintage glass flask in grey, £34,; FEJKA artificial potted plant, herbs, £5,; Vintage glass flask in green, £36,; Large glass dome, £54.50,; (Inside glass dome) FEJKA artificial potted plant grass, £3,; FEJKA artificial potted plant bird’s nest fern, £3,; Danish wooden crated beer bottles, £65,; Tall French bottle, £70,; Copper vase, £48,; Small chemistry bottle, £15,; Perforated metal box, £49,; (In box) Old pharmacy bottle, from £30,; (On box) Succulents in plain vintage book, £29.50,; Esterban tall green d glass vase, £30,; Palm springs stem, £11.50 each,; Large chemistry bottle, £22.50,; Metal work desk, £475,; (On desktop, from left) Oversized recycled green glass vase, £25,; Staghorn stem green, £21.50,; Succulents in plain vintage book, £29.50,; Mini copper patina lantern, £145,; No.1 brown glass bottle, £7.50, anartfullife.; (In the drawer) Vintage flask in brown, £28,; Faux potted echeveria, £30,; Urban grow diamond terrarium planter in gold, £35,; (Inside terrarium) House by John Lewis ar- tificial mini echeveria with stalks, £8,; Bottle in chemist’s display, £27,; Hay kitchen scissors, £5,; House by John Lewis artificial mini cactus, £8,; House by John Lewis artificial mini echeveria £8,; No.3 brown glass bottle, £18,; Milled edges plant leaves, £8.50 each,; Natural twine, £6.50,; Tarred jute twine, £6.50,; Cactus in glass cloche, £79,; (Hanging, from left) Steel diamond hanging basket, £75,; (In basket) California bud stem in sage green, £3,; California bud stem in lime green, £3,; Three tone tin pendant light, £95,; NLXL Lab Greenhouse wallpaper by Erik Gutter, £249 per roll 9m x 48.7cm,; (On radiator) Copper watering can, £48,

This feature was taken from Issue Two of Warehouse Home. To enjoy the publication in full click here or in the reader below.

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