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Anwar Studio Releases Frames 01 Table

Posted on Mar 16, 2016 by

Anwar Studio have launched a new collection of furniture focusing on the interconnected themes of space and matter, emptiness and form. Sheffield-based designer Steve Anwar describes the hero piece of the collection, the Frames 01 Table, as “an elegant dance of steel lines and beautiful natural oak that come together to form a super strong and very eye catching dining table.” All of the materials are sourced locally, within one mile of Sheffield. “The practical designer/maker side of me is obsessed with raw materials and industrial processes indicative of the Sheffield steel-making heritage that I’ve grown up with,” explains Steve Anwar.

Frames 01 Table, from £550,

Anwar Studio Frames 01 Table

Frames 01 Table by Anwar Studio
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The Frames 01 Table is a truly versatile piece of furniture and can adapt to a range of spaces and settings, and is suitable for both commercial and domestic settings. “The steel frames are strong and sturdy but lightweight, meaning the table is very easy to move around and simple to assemble.”

Anwar Studio Frames 01 Table

The table features a top made of natural Oak.
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The table is available to purchase with oak tops in various sizes.

Anwar Studio Frames 01 Table

The new ‘Frames’ collection takes inspiration from Sheffield’s steel manufacturing heritage.
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The Frames 01 Table was produced in line with Anwar Studio’s ethos of celebrating local craftsmanship and northern provenance, combined with traditional fabricating techniques. “The Frames project was an opportunity to mix ethereal thinking with northern industrial methodologies,” say Steve. We think it’s a triumph.

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