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A Live Wire By Paula Navone

Posted on Aug 27, 2013 by

Italian artist Paula Navone was apparently inspired by the colours and crafts of India when designing this trio of two-toned wire baskets for Anthropologie. We love the contrast between the vivid greens and the patina of the raw wire. This basket set is a perfect storage or serving solution for those looking to channel the current wire trend and those who want to bring a splash of colour to their interior decor. The largest wire basket is 31.7cm in diameter and the smallest 19.7cm – they sit neatly stacked together, meaning they can be stored easily…although we think they’re far too stylish to put in a cupboard!

Wire basket trio, by Paula Navone, £38, Anthropologie

Colourful green wire basket trio by Paula Navone, from Anthropologie

Wire basket trio, by Paula Navone, Anthropologie
Image courtesy of Anthropologie

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