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Vintage Industrial Lights From Skinflint

Posted on Mar 10, 2015 by

We were excited by the prospect of a new Skinflint Design collection, having featured two of their vintage industrial factory lights in Issue One of Warehouse Home. And they haven’t disappointed! The new Spring/ Summer finds are an expertly curated selection of vintage work lights sourced from far and wide, each with a unique story to tell. The salvaged lights are carefully hand-restored and given a new lease of life by Skinflint. The finished lights are true design heavyweights- raw and industrial yet easy to incorporate into a modern warehouse or loft conversion. Without further ado, here are the 4 we really wish we could bring home!

1. We love the fresh pastel shade of this green Czechoslovakian machinist wall light – it’s so unusual and perfect for spring. Dating back to the 1930s and retaining all original surfaces, the painted steel arms and base of this light make a serious statement. And doesn’t it look gorgeous against that grey wall?

Czechoslovakian Machinist Light, £380, Skinflint Design

skinflint machinist vintage industrial lighting home decor

Czechoslovakian Machinist Lights, Skinflint Design
Image courtesy of

2. This desk lamp has a great history, having started life in the laboratory of a London science college in the 1950s. Constructed from aluminium and steel, some great features include a worn surface patina and traditional gold braided cable. Perfect for a bedside table or desk.

Laboratory Work Lights Circa 1950, £384, Skinflint Design

laboratory work light industrial home decor

Laboratory Work Light, Skinflint Design
Image courtesy of

3. This early 1930s machinist light is full of character. An original Dugsdills creation, it features a worn enamel shade in racing green and has certainly withstood the test of time! We love the fact that you can extend the light’s arm to suit your space. Ideal for a reading nook.

British Industrial Lighting From Dugdills, £680, Skinflint Design

skinflint industrial machinist wall light vintage dug dills

British Industrial Lighting From Dugdills, SkinflintDesign
Image courtesy of

4. This English wall mounted reading light may look innocuous, with a beautifully restored polished aluminium shade and gleaming lacquered arm. However it has a fascinating and harrowing history, salvaged from a Victorian lunatic asylum in the Midlands around 1950. The functional arm is adjustable and the brushed steel finish is pure industrial chic.

Asylum Wall Light, £320, Skinflint Design

vintage industrial lighting victorian asylum furniture skinflint

Asylum Wall Lights, Skinflint Design
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