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Upcycled Lighting Designs From Refunk’d

Posted on Mar 15, 2015 by

We love coming across unique furniture and lighting created from upcycled items, given a new lease of life in a fun or creative way. But while the upcycling trend continues apace, with more and more people trying their hands at thrifty tinkering, there’s no question that some designers have a particularly strong eye for a transformation. DIY enthusiast and Refunk’d founder Ursh Stevens devotes her time to transforming old scrap materials and antique furniture into one-off creations. And each design is as striking as it is unexpected. Recent projects include a used shop mannequin re-imagined as a lamp, a sack barrow crafted into a coffee table. As they say, one mans trash is another’s treasure!

Ursh has recently created these distinctive industrial lighting pieces. The first is a vintage fire extinguisher, uncovered in a local reclamation yard and upcycled into a lamp. “I looked at them and instantly knew they had to be lamps,” she explains. “Once I got back to the workshop, I discovered the fire extinguishers were from 1935.” After cutting away parts of the brass wheel, Ursh attached the light fittings to the inside cylinder. And we love the result. Layers of patina and rust really add character and the extra large filament cage bulb completes the look. In fact, we wouldn’t add a shape, but instead keep the lamp base as it is, raw, industrial and full of character.

‘The McCaffery Brothers’, £325 each, Refunk’d 

reclaimed upcycled bespoke fire extinguisher light

One half of ‘The McCaffery Brothers’, Refunk’d
Image courtesy of

Another of Ursh’s recent upcycling lighting projects is an enamel gas boiler, another scrap yard discovery. She scrubbed it clean with a wire brush before deciding to put a light fitting through the gas vent. “This also meant that the bulb was higher up, giving it a different look to an electric water boiler I have worked on previously,” says Ursh. A piece of glass with rounded edges has replaced the metal lid, and shows off the design and filament bulb.

‘The Melting Pot’, £395, Refunk’d 

upcycled vintage furniture gas boulder lamp refunkd

The Melting Pot Gas Boiler, Refunkd
Image courtesy of

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