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Modern Lighting Ideas & Tips with dwell

Posted on Mar 25, 2015 by

Effective lighting can completely transform the ambience of a room and reinvent a space. Whether you live in a heritage warehouse conversion or a modern home, it’s important to consider the correct lighting to complement the decor and your lifestyle. We’ve collaborated with the lighting design team at dwell to share our 5 top tips for lighting your home.

Stainless steel multi-faceted industrial style pendant light, dwell

This multi-faceted metal pendant light, is just one of the striking designs in the new spring/summer 2015 collection from dwell
Image courtesy of

The 2015 Spring/Summer lighting collection from dwell has been inspired by Nordic and industrial influences. Mesh, metal and wire materials have been combined with light wood, copper and lighter tones of white and beige for a contemporary loft-living feel.

Here are our 5 bright but affordable ideas for lighting your home, using our favourite lamps and lights from the collection.

1. Focus on the spaces and surfaces you’re lighting

This is particularly important in larger or open-plan spaces, which can feel cavernous and impersonal if badly lit. Draw attention to a favourite corner of a room, such as a comfortable armchair, or showcase a special picture or object with carefully considered lighting.

The Tiesto wall lights from dwell are ideal for casting focused light on the area directly below. Combining a light wood frame with a metal shade, and available in white or grey, they channel distinctly Nordic and industrial influences. We think they’re ideal for the kitchen, providing directional lighting onto the countertops.

Tiesto wall light, £69, dwell

Tiesto wall light in white, dwell

Tiesto wall light in white, dwell
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Tiesto wall light in grey, dwell

Tiesto wall light in grey, dwell
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2. Inject variety

Vary the heights and locations of lamps and lights to add interest in a room. A floor lamp or uplighter positioned behind a piece of furniture will create a sense of drama, while a table lamp casts more intimate ambient light onto a console, desk or bedside cabinet.

dwell offer a variety of floor and table lamps to suit your home’s style and decor. With its tripod base and gloss black finish, the Easel floor lamp combines traditional features with a sleek contemporary finish.

Easel floor lamp in black, £175, dwell

Tripod spotlight giant floor lamp, dwell

Tripod spotlight giant floor lamp, dwell
Image courtesy of

The glass base of this dwell table lamp creates a functional yet elegant look. Topped with a classic white shade we think it’s bringing soft light to a bedside table.

Glass table light, £39.95, dwell

Glass table light with clear glass base and white shade, from dwell

Glass table light, dwell
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3. Pay attention to size and scale

Whether your home boasts double height ceilings or more compact, cosy spaces, it’s important to match the size and scale of your lighting to each room. Small lamps will get swallowed up in a large open-plan loft, while large-scale lighting will engulf other spaces and dwarf the rest of your furniture. The lighting experts at dwell agree, “It’s key to think about sizing when it comes to lighting, a pendant light that is too small will look lacklustre and uninspired so it’s key to make sure that scale and composition are carefully considered.”

If you have the luxury of space, then there’s no better way to make a statement than with this giant angle floor light from dwell. It comes in a sleek chrome finish for a contemporary look and soft white for a more Scandi feel.

Giant angle floor light, £199, dwell

Chrome giant angle floor light, dwell

Giant angle floor light, dwell
Image courtesy of

4. Use lighting to complement your home’s unique features

If you live in a warehouse conversion or contemporary loft, consider industrial style lighting to complement the heritage features and original character of your home. “For a warehouse home the dwell lighting creates a statement without overshadowing the initial design,” explain their design team.

These designs from dwell have a refined industrial feel, making them easy to incorporate into any home. We particularly like the copper mesh and punched steel. But these are all striking, wallet-friendly, designs. And we think they would look incredible hung low over a dining table.

Copper mesh triple pendant light, £149, dwell

Industrial luxe copper mesh triple pendant light, dwell

Copper mesh triple pendant light, dwell
Image courtesy of

Stainless steel multi-faceted pendant light, £99, dwell

Stainless steel multi-faceted industrial style pendant light, dwell

Multi-faceted pendant light, dwell
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Giza pendant light, £65, dwell

Industrial style Giza pendant cage light, dwell

Giza pendant light, dwell
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5. Remember that lighting is also a way to demonstrate your distinctive style and personality

Whether your look is traditional or trendy, there are so many different lighting solutions to suit. The dwell designs lend themselves well to many themes and trends, so whatever room you have in mind there’s bound to be a light for you!

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