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Warehouse Home Issue Six Exclusive Paper Designs Hannah Lobley Recycled Paper Designs_
Warehouse Home Issue Six Materials Witnessed Photography Oliver Perrott Styling Hannah Franklin

Limited Edition Warehouse Home Paper Bowl


Product Description

When Hannah Lobley accidentally left a book outside in the rain, the pages swelled with water and became unreadable. Yet the artist did not throw The Lord Of The Rings away. She was studying woodwork. Paper originates from wood. And Lobley realised that she could turn layered paper into a solid block that could be cut, crafted and turned just like timber. “The results were at once incredible and pleasing,” she reflects, “wood becomes paper… becomes wood.” Lobley took ten damaged copies of Warehouse Home Issue Five and turned the block of paper on a lathe. This beautiful bowl with a delicate wood grain effect was the result.

Limited edition.

We celebrate the publication of each issue of Warehouse Home with the launch of a new design collection. The Warehouse Home team works closely with talented British designers and brands to produce each exclusive range of furniture and accessories. The Warehouse Home collections draw on the latest interior design trends and every item been carefully crafted to suit stylish modern homes and warehouse conversions alike.

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