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Dream Warehouse Conversions in London

Posted on Feb 20, 2015 by

We’ve been admiring two very different warehouse conversions currently for sale in London. The first is this riverside warehouse conversion located within Execution Dock House, Wapping. Aside from the superb views across the Thames, which are best enjoyed with an early morning coffee and the paper on the balcony, this warehouse conversion also boasts a fascinating heritage. The building is thought to be on the original location of the Execution Dock scaffold, where condemned pirates met their rather grizzly end at the hands of the High Court of Admiralty until 1830.

2 bedroom apartment in Execution Dock House, Wapping London, £3.25 million, Rightmove

dream house warehouse property interior design execution dock wapping london

2 bedroom warehouse property, Execution Dock House, 80 Wapping High Street, London 
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Execution Dock warehouse home Wapping, Rightmove

A perfect spot for enjoying the Sunday paper and a cuppa.
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As if the view wasn’t impressive enough, the expansive two bedroom apartment offers some beautiful original features inside. The apartment has exposed brickwork throughout, while the high vaulted ceilings and exposed rafters create added drama.

dream house living room warehouse property interior design execution dock wapping london exposed rafters

Vaulted ceilings and exposed rafters add character to the property.
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dream house living room warehouse property interior design execution dock wapping london exposed rafters

Every room is light and spacious, with plenty of original features.
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This lateral loft apartment on New Street in the heart of the City of London is our second dream home of the day. The building dates from 1771, when it was the principal warehouse for the East India Company. If you prefer a more contemporary aesthetic, the exposed beams and steel columns have been painted brilliant white, giving this apartment a bright modern Manhattan loft look.

2 bedroom apartment in New Street, City of London, £2.25 million, Rightmove

dream house warehouse white rafters modern interior design east london

2 bedroom apartment for sale in New Street, East London
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Bright white contemporary loft in New Street City of London, Rightmove

With its brick walls and beams painted white, this open plan space offers contemporary loft living and is the perfect backdrop for vibrant designs.
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With so much space and natural light, the current owners of this warehouse conversion started to embrace colour. Vibrant furniture and colourful artworks really bring the space to life. But we think the new residents could afford to be even more daring!

Warehouse conversion bedroom with sliding glass door, Rightmove

The bedroom features a beautiful blue frosted glass sliding door, leading to the modern bathroom.
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Warehouse conversion in New Street, City of London, Rightmove

A home with history. The warehouse dates from 1771 and was once the main warehouse for the East India Company.
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