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6 Incredible Warehouse Wedding Venues

Posted on Mar 23, 2015 by

With wedding season fast approaching, couples everywhere are planning a big day that will go down in style. An old soap factory or abandoned warehouse wouldn’t always have been the obvious choice for a wedding or reception, but engaged couples looking for a wedding with a difference are spotting their potential. With a little help from Pinterest, we’ve compiled 6 unique industrial wedding venues to inspire, with decor ranging from vintage and eclectic to urban and industrial.

1. A white wedding with a twist! The Knockdown Centre in Queens, New York, is an old glass factory with striking, untouched features, which make it an interesting and surprisingly romantic spot for a wedding service. We love the simplicity of the modern rustic decor and neutral colour palette, which contrast beautifully with the rough stonework and warehouse windows.

White Wedding Design Inspiration | Industrial Glass Factory Knockdown Centre | New York | 7 Incredible Warehouse Wedding Venues

A simple colour palette really highlights the original features of this old glass factory
Image rights, via

2. For an edgy and urban wedding reception, think outside the box. The Smack Mellon gallery in New York is a huge space, with so much grit and industrial charm. We’d love to see it transformed with candles or strung with glowing filament bulbs for an evening occasion, to really enhance the high ceilings.

Raw and Industrial Warehouse Gallery Space | Wedding Venue Manhattan | Smack Mellone |

Raw and industrial, the Smack Mellon gallery makes for an edgy wedding venue
Image rights

Raw and Industrial Warehouse Urban Outfitters Headquarters| Wedding Venue

This industrial warehouse space has been softened by hanging lights from the high ceilings
Image via

3. The Doodle bar in Brixton makes a great location for an intimate, personalised reception. This couple decided on eclectic decorations, with vintage furniture and handmade centrepieces.

Vintage and Eclectic Wedding Reception | Doodle Bar Battersea London | 7 Incredible Warehouse Wedding Venues

An eclectic and vintage-inspired wedding reception at Doodle Bar, Battersea
Image via

4. So this one isn’t actually a warehouse, but we love the use of old timber and bare bulbs to enhance the delightful rustic setting of this Florida wedding.

7 Incredible Warehouse Wedding Venues  | Industrial Cluster Pendant Bulbs | Bohemian Decor | Wedding Reception Florida

Cluster pendant bulbs look great contrasted with the delightful rustic setting in this Florida wedding reception
Image rights, via

Industrial Warehouse Wedding Venue | Bare Hanging Bulbs and Original Features | Pinterest Photography

Hanging bare bulbs really lighten the mood of this fairytale venue
Image via

5. Industrial spaces can be the perfect blank canvas onto which you can project whatever colour scheme you like. Take a look at the bold splashes of green, blue and orange against the raw backdrop and concrete floor. Fairground style lights are another fun addition to the space.

Industrial Wedding Venue | Coloured Chairs and Marquee Lights | 7 Incredible Warehouse Wedding Venues

Industrial decor meets bold colour in this warehouse wedding venue
Image rights

6. We saved the very best for last. How thrilling and romantic is this setting? This night time wedding service took place in a warehouse, lit only by candles and fairy lights, creating a magical effect in the industrial space.

Fairytale Wedding in Warehouse Venue | Fairy Lights Candles and Brick Walls | 7 Incredible Warehouse Wedding Venues

Atmostpheric lighting creates a fairytale mood in this warehouse wedding venue
Image via

Moody and Fairytale Lighting in Industrial Warehouse| Wedding Venue

How romantic! The playful ‘LOVE’ sign is offset with moody, atmospheric lighting
Image via

Now the knot has been tied, we’re off to the bar! We love this fairground style light from MC Motors, East London. We hope you enjoyed our top picks of beautiful warehouse wedding venues.

Industrial Warehouse Wedding Venue | Fairground Light Up Sign | Pinterest Photography

Congratulations! Now it’s time to hit the bar
Image via

Need a hand with planning a wedding? If we’ve got you feeling inspired, either for your own wedding or a friend’s, head over to to create the type of day you always dreamed of. And we’ve got a specially curated Pinterest board for more jaw-dropping and unique warehouse wedding ideas.

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