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5 Unique Gifts From Designerbox

Posted on Apr 7, 2015 by

We all love to receive a surprise gift in the post, which is the main concept behind Designerbox. Choose for either yourself or a loved one to receive a beautifully unique, limited edition gift designed exclusively for Designerbox. The new online venture offers a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription or the option to make a one-off purchase of a single favourite design, with prices ranging from £45 for one gift. Each item has been created exclusively for Designerbox by an international designer – each contemporary design has a wonderful story behind it. We were delighted to receive a surprise gift from Designerbox. And we liked it so much, it prompted us to share some of these other beautiful designs from their collection.

1. ‘Process’ Designerbox no.8 by Pauline Deltour

Pauline Deltour has introduced a fluidity to the industrial design process. She works with raw materials and traditional techniques to produce a surprisingly lightweight final product; a desk tidy with a sophisticated edge.

5 Unique Gifts From Designerbox | Process | Desk Accessories | Pauline Deltour

‘Process’ Designerbox no.8 by Pauline Deltour
Image courtesy of

2. ‘Jin Shi’ Designerbox no.15 by Design MVW

This Shanghai-based pair have taken inspiration from a contemporary zen landscape to create Jin Shi, a stem vase which encompasses modern Chinese design and organic form. Jin Shi translates directly to mean ‘Golden Stone.’

5 Unique Gifts From Designerbox | Chinese Stem Vase | Jin Shi | Xu Ming and Virginia Moriette

Jin Shi Designerbox no.15 by Xu Ming and Virginia Moriette
Image courtesy of

3.  ‘Love For Ever’ Designerbox no.21 by Ich&Kar

This beautifully simple concept was designed with Valentine’s Day in mind. Quirky French design duo Ich&Kar have re-imagined the infinity symbol to be spread across two dessert plates in luxe screen-printed copper. The infinity symbol is complete when the two plates are placed together. We think this would make the perfect gift for sharing romantic desserts with your partner any time of the year!

Unboxing | 5 Bespoke Gifts | Designerbox | Valentines Day Gifts | Love For Ever Dessert Plates | Ich&Kar

Each Designerbox gift arrives beautifully packaged with information about the piece
Image courtesy of

5 Bespoke Gifts | Designerbox | Valentines Day Gifts | Love For Ever Dessert Plates | Ich&Kar

‘Love For Ever’ Designerbox no.21 by Ich&Kar
Image courtesy of

4. ‘Candle In The Wind’ Designerbox no.5 by Kazuhiro Yamanaka

London-based designer Kazuhiro Yamanaka went back to his roots for ‘Candle In The Wind’. The elegant candle holder and tray is inspired by the purity and care for detail often seen in Japanese design. The candle holder resembles a sheet of paper gently lifting in the breeze and we think it is absolutely beautiful.

5 Unique Gifts From Designerbox | Candle In The Wind | Candlestick Holder | Kazuhiro Yamanaka

‘Candle In The Wind’ Designerbox no.5 by Kazuhiro Yamanaka
Image courtesy of

5. ‘Hooks’ Designerbox no.20 by Mathias Van De Walle

This ingenious coathanger can be folded and stored, making it the perfect gift to receive in the post! The geometric design is striking and unique, and can be personalised with the Farrow & Ball paint colours selected by the designer.

5 Unique Gift Ideas From Designerbox | Hooks | Geometric Coat Hanger | Mathias Van De Walle

‘Hooks’ by Mathias Van De Walle, Designerbox no.20
Image courtesy of

So, which unique gift is your favourite? To become a member and sign up for a subscription, visit Designerbox. And take a look at us over on Pinterest for more home accessories and gift inspiration.

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