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5 Must-Have Industrial Trolleys

Posted on Sep 8, 2015 by

An industrial trolley is as practical as it is hard-wearing. And the addition of wheels makes it the perfect flexible storage solution for a modern home – simply relocate as required. We’ve found an abundance of original vintage industrial trolleys on wheels for your home. So, let’s get trollied with our 5 favourites:

Industrial style bar cart, drinks trolley

The trusty drinks trolley or bar cart is enjoying a comeback. The trolley in this industrial chic kitchen inspired the Warehouse Home team to share our 5 favourite industrial takes on the trolley trend.
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1. For the Bathroom

Vintage Linen Industrial Trolley, £175, Sugden and Daughters

This industrial trolley, originally used in a French textile mill for storing and transporting linens, is the perfect place for blankets, towels or laundry in the bathroom.

This vintage linen industrial trolley is metal, with industrial wheels - would make a great upcycled kitchen unit

Vintage Linen Industrial Trolley, £175, Sugden & Daughters
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2. For the Bedroom

Motor Part Trolley, £425, Turner & Cox

A real showstopper, this Motor Part Trolley was sourced from Germany. It was first used in the 1940s to transport motor parts around a factory floor. The bright red patinated metal frame contrasts strikingly with the rustic wooden shelves, making this a great statement piece. At 136cm high, it would make a unique storage rack for boots and shoes.

Turner & Cox's Motor Part Trolley was used to transport motor parts!

Motor Part Trolley, £425, Turner & Cox
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3. For the Hallway

French Bakers Trolley, £260, Mayfly Vintage

This 1940s French baker’s trolley from Mayfly Vintage was once used to cool down freshly baked bread straight from the oven. Now, with it’s industrial wheels and original green paint, we think it would make a practical addition to any hallway. A useful place to store books, bags and boots when you arrive home.

Original French Bakers Trolley, used for cooling down bread as it came out of the oven - perfect now for kitchens!

French Bakers Trolley, £260, Mayfly Vintage
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4. For your Books

Vintage Industrial Metal Shelving Trolley Bookshelf, £215, Love Litter

A truly industrial piece, the vintage metal shelving trolley bears testament to its days on the factory floor. Flecks of rust, dents and grazes add to its character. Standing at 165cm tall it includes four shelves large enough for books and files, as well as your favourite finds and family treasures.

Lovely vintage metal shelving trolley with lots of storage - perfect for any industrial kitchen or home!

Vintage Industrial Metal Shelving Trolley Bookshelf, £215, Love Litter
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5. For the Kitchen

Industrial Vintage Solid Wood Bakers Trolley, £275, Etcetera

If modern rustic kitchen furniture is your cup of tea, then this bakers trolley from Etcetera will make the perfect addition to your kitchen. Made from solid beech wood, the trolley is on industrial wheels and can be relocated with ease. It’s in such excellent condition that it still bears the original metal makers label. Use it to display white china or vintage style enamelware, storage jars and baking trays. The handy rail will hold your favourite teatowels.

A vintage, industrial style wooden bakers trolley from the 1940s - the perfect addition to any rustic kitchen!

Industrial Vintage Solid Wood Bakers Trolley from the 1940s, £275, Etcetera
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