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3 Wonderful Warehouse Libraries

Posted on Mar 14, 2016 by

A library is probably the most essential non-essential feature of a house. While you could quite easily live without it, the absence of books makes a home feel empty. It’s not only a sacred space of knowledge and inspiration, but can serve as a beautiful design destination and welcoming retreat. A token bookshelf won’t suffice, if you’ve got the space… be bold! Here are three mesmerisingly expansive industrial libraries, each constructed on two levels, for you to feast your eyes on.

The wooden bookshelves, which run the length of the wall, join nicely with the ceiling beams.

The wooden bookshelves, which run the length of the wall in this home, link seamlessly with the ceiling beams.
Image via Pinterest | Photography by Ryota Atarashi

This Tokyo warehouse (above), designed by Mount Fuji Architects Studio, features a library which adapts to the layout of the building. Situated on the ground floor and the mezzanine above, it has become an integral part of industrial space and means that books are at the very heart of the home. There’s no shortage of storage space for favourite tomes and a staircase means reading materials are always readily accessible.

Vintage Industrial Library Bookshelf Mezzanine

The architect has created a library backdrop to this expansive space.
Image via Pinterest

This library (above) adapts well to its industrial surroundings, painted a deep grey/green to complement the surrounding brickwork, metalwork and concrete floor. The dark colour scheme offsets the colour of the books’ spines and an original spiral staircase turns the library into a wow-factor feature. Finally, a floor-to-ceiling pen sculpture, makes a tongue-in-cheek reference to scholarly activities.

Another atmospheric space with a darker scheme. The shelving for this two-tier library has been crafted from reclaimed metal, with staircase steps fashioned from salvaged wood. Hanging pendant lights illuminate the books and give the library a strong vintage industrial feel. With various treasured artefacts and ornaments adorning the shelves, the space not only serves a practical purpose but a decorative one too.

Libraries can be adapted to suit any colour scheme, interior theme or room layout and can really enhance a property. A vibrant selection of books stands out beautifully against painted or metal shelving.

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Industrial Library Reclaimed Metal Mezzanine

Contrasted with the dark stained wood, this two level metal frame bookshelf acts as the centrepiece of this space.
Image courtesy of

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