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2016 Interior Colours Trend – Yellow

Posted on Mar 23, 2016 by

The colour yellow is known to have a positive effect on mood, an uplifting colour which enhances happiness and creativity. In interiors, yellow can make a statement or it can act as a subtle complementary colour. In this week’s colour trend feature, the Warehouse Home team make the case for yellow as a 2016 interiors contender and present a range of products, both vintage and contemporary, that prove its potential.

USM Haller Table, £930, USM

The USM Haller Table has a modern and contemporary aesthetic.

The USM Haller Table has a modern and contemporary aesthetic.
Image courtesy of

This USM dining table perfectly demonstrates how yellow can be incorporated as a statement in the home. Serving as the centrepiece in this otherwise very traditional space, the boldly coloured tabletop draws attention without being garish. White USM cabinets temper the yellow and complete a striking room scheme that successfully blends both traditional and contemporary.

Vintage French Folding Bistro/Cafe Chairs, £220, Etcetera Interiors

These vintage chairs have been stamped with the name of cafe from where they originally came.

This vintage chair was stamped with the name of the cafe where it was originally used
Image courtesy of

This 1930s vintage french cafe chair features a wrought iron frame and wooden slatted seat. The patination to the yellow paintwork and original lettering add to its character. The sturdy little chair would be equally at home in an urban loft or country kitchen.

19th Century Italian Butchers Block, £780, Original House

This butcher's block is made from one solid piece of tree.

This butchers block is made from solid, sturdy wood
Image courtesy of

Sourced by the expert team at Original House from a family butchers in Turin, Italy, this 1850s butcher’s block is sturdy and practical. The unusual structure includes a shelf for storage. And the distressed yellow paint serves as a reminder of its hard-working origins.

Nostalgia Lights Fabric Cable, £4.45 per metre, Nook London

This lighting cable contrasts well with darker fittings.

This lighting cable contrasts well with darker fittings.
Image courtesy of

Nook London offer an extensive range of industrial style lights and a brilliant array of colourful cables from which to suspend them. This braided fabric cable comes in a range of colours, but this vivid yellow version looks fantastic teamed with a darker shade and against an on-trend grey wall.

Kontainr, £659, Reason Season Time

Kontainr upcycled yellow container cabinet, Reason Season Time

Kontainr, Reason Season Time
Image courtesy of

We featured this brilliant, tongue-in-cheek cabinet in Warehouse Home Issue Two and it continues to prove popular with our readers. Hand crafted from decommissioned cargo containers, including the bar locking system, this cabinet offers heavy duty storage for your home or office. The vibrant yellow finish and bold design make a real statement.

So, what do you think? Is yellow going to make its way into your home in 2016?

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